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Good day all - and welcome to the very beginning of the 2016-2017 AAHA Hockey season! Just a few notes to get things started...

First, apologies for the slight delay in Registration Open - the short story is such: after a couple months of work with ice scheduling, projections, arranging and re-arranging and so on, we were all set to open up on August 1st as planned - and then, approaching zero hour, we were dropped with a small bombshell which required a complete re-work of all the previous efforts. But as of last Thursday, Registration is open and waiting for you with open arms!

We've been pretty busy in this offseason in our goal of reshaping AAHA's mission - with much of the heavy lifting coming from our Coach's Group under the guidance of AAHA's new Coaching Directors, Mike Brolsma and Jameson Raymond. This group's goals are direct: shaping the development of our players at ALL levels and skill sets to ensure each player receives the opportunity to develop their skills, knowledge and love of the game while maintaining the fun AND creating teams that are developed to compete with any team in the state, at any time, on any ice. And then developing the support plan to ensure that happens, starting now and continuing for years to come.

This plan starts this weekend (Sunday), with extended opportunities within our expanded preseason conditioning and training sessions, planned and executed by the pools of the coaches that have already stepped forward to lead our kids this year. A big thorn we were working on (and have hopefully addressed) was the suddenness our traditional coaching development has worked - now, we're getting ALL the potential leaders at each age level - whether they lead A, B, or C squads in the final layout - working together to develop consistent plans and support for each level, and getting all the kids at each level working together from the outset before they all break out into their own team missions. Check the AAHA Calendar for dates available for your skaters.

And that's just one facet of the many ways we've had a lot of volunteers working since Spring to improve our organization even more - but we'll hit a lot of those points at the annual Parents' Meeting - September 25, 5 pm at the Super Bowl. Oh, but we've added a wrinkle there as well, so consider this your invitation to AAHA's first annual 'Welcome Back Social' occurring immediately following the meeting right across the hall - there will be food, drinks and conversation galore, to really start our whole AAHA family year off right. I promise not to talk too much at the meeting. I mean, for me.

Oh, and do you do any shopping via Amazon? Of course you do! Well, in the future, if you wanted to start that shopping by clicking the link to the right, you'd be considered a great person (even greater than you already certainly are), as each and every order run through that link returns .5% to AAHA - with zero additional cost to you. And yeah, that half a cent doesn't seem like much now, but wait until you purchase your house on Amazon! We thank you for your support.

And one last thing for now: see that FootballMania link below? We have 3 weeks left open on this fundraising initiative, so PLEASE share on your Facebook pages, your Instagrams, your Twitter, your MySpac....oh, wait, that one's not a thing anymore. Without a doubt, this is the greatest fundraising opportunity this organization has tried out - folks get 17 weeks of chances to win cash, and for each $20 ticket sold via CharityMania, AAHA receives $14 in return. And if you prefer the tactile feel, paper tickets are available by contacting, or strolling into the Appleton Street Sports Bar and Grill downtown and asking for one.

Finally, thank you all for becoming an important part in this organization - we look forward to seeing you around the rink for the next few months!

- Matt Prendergast, AAHA President



As you have probably seen on the AAHA Facebook page, we have launched a fundraiser called FootballMania.  We will be selling paper tickets, but tickets can also be purchased electronically online through: 

Help support your youth hockey programs - like and share on Facebook.

Tryout Dates!!!!


See registration tab on top of website.

2016-17 Registration

Skaters Goalies
Mite U6 9
Mite U8 20
Squirt 17 2
Girls U10 8
PeeWee 32 3
Girls U12 6
Bantam 19 4
----- Totals---- 111 9

Welcome to the home of the Appleton Wizards!

The Appleton Area Hockey Association (AAHA) is committed to developing competitive youth hockey in the Appleton, Wisconsin area while teaching our skaters the value of winning ... and losing ... with grace and dignity. Our aim is to increase our skaters' enjoyment of the game of hockey, advance their skills, and to help develop their character.

AAHA is a Division 1 member association of the Wisconsin Amateur Hockey Association (WAHA, Region 3). Skaters interested in joining AAHA must reside within the boundaries of the public school districts of Appleton, Hilbert, Kaukauna, Kimberly, Little Chute, or Sherwood or the village of Black Creek (Black Creek Elementary School or Middle School; Seymour School District) to register and join AAHA.  If you reside in another city or school district you must register with the appropriate association such as Fox Valley, De Pere, Green Bay, Waupaca or Shawano.

2016-2017 Important Dates

Date Event
August 10 2016-17 Season Registration Opens
Sept 5, 12, 26 Pre-Season Goalie Conditioning
Aug 21 - Sept 29 Pre-Season Skater Conditioning
Sept 30 Goalie Tryouts
Oct. 2-4 Skater Tryouts
Oct. 15 Team Manager's Meeting
Oct. 17 First Day of Mites
Nov 12 Try Hockey for Free
Dec 3 - 4 Girls Hockey Classic Tournament
Feb 3-5 Playdowns at Green Bay
Feb 3 Hoist the Cup
Feb 25 Try Hockey for Free
March 4-5 Squirt/U10 & Bantam/U14 State Tournaments
March 11-12 PeeWee/U12 State Tournaments
March 11-12 Monsters on Ice Festival

2017 State Tournaments

Division Level Location Date
1A Squirt Marathon County March 4-5, 2017
1B Squirt Verona March 4-5, 2017
1C Squirt Winter Club March 4-5, 2017
1A PeeWee Chippewa Falls March 11-12, 2017
1B PeeWee Stevens Point March 11-12, 2017
1C PeeWee West Madison Polar Caps March 11-12, 2017
1A Bantam Sun Prairie March 4-5, 2017
1B Bantam Arrowhead March 4-5, 2017
1C Bantam Waukesha March 4-5, 2017
Girls 14U Stoughton March 4-5, 2017
Girls 12U Hudson March 11-12, 2017
Girls 10U Superior March 4-5, 2017

AAHA Communications (Hotwire)

Do you want to receive the AAHA Hotwire notices at more than one email address? The account that you used to register your skater(s) is the primary account. This is the account that is attached to Dibs and to the AAHA communications. To add another email address for the AAHA communications, the primary account user will need to:
  • Go to the AAHA website and log in.
  • At the very top of the screen, locate the tab with your user name. Click on the pulldown menu.
  • Click on Profile.
  • In the area for Linked Accounts, click on Add.
  • Enter the email address to send AAHA communications and click on Send Invitation.
This user will receive an email asking him/her to accept the invitation. Once accepted, he/she will also receive any communications from AAHA that go to the primary account email address.