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AAHA Equipment Sale/Swap

TONIGHT!!! Wednesday, September 17



2014-2015 Season Registration Deadline

Travel Team (A/B) Tryouts - September 5th

New Skaters, Mite & House Teams - October 1st

Learn to Skate - November 1st

  • AAHA registration for all returning and new players, coaches and team managers is open.
  • A late fee of $50.00 will be assessed for any returning player who registers after September 5th.
  • Any player (new or returning) must be registered by 5:00pm on September 5th to be eligible to participate in evaluations for an A or B team.
  • All DIBS sessions for required volunteer credit will not be accessible until registration is complete.
  • A deposit of $250.00 per player ($150.00 for Learn To Hockey Skate) will be required at time of registration.
  • All skaters must register online.
  • Requests for an extended payment plan or scholarship aid are due in writing to the Finance Committee by August 31.

There have been a few reports of registration difficulty when using Internet Explorer and Javascript. If you encounter any registration issues, please contact Lisa Groff. 

2014-15 Registration Report (09/11/14)

Level Goalie Skater Forward Defense
Learn to Skate NA 27 NA NA
Mite/U6 NA 27 NA NA
Mite/U8 NA 45 NA NA
Squirt 5 50 NA NA
U10 NA 9 NA NA
PeeWee 7 42 NA NA
U12 NA 12 NA NA
Bantam 3 41 27 14
U14 NA 14 NA NA
Total 15 267

Welcome to the home of the Appleton Wizards!

The Appleton Area Hockey Association (AAHA) is committed to developing competitive youth hockey in the Appleton, Wisconsin area while teaching our skaters the value of winning ... and losing ... with grace and dignity. Our aim is to increase our skaters' enjoyment of the game of hockey, advance their skills, and to help develop their character.

AAHA is a Division 1 member association of the Wisconsin Amateur Hockey Association (WAHA, Region 3).


Skaters interested in joining AAHA  must reside within the boundaries of the public school districts of Appleton, Black Creek, Hilbert, Kaukauna, Kimberly, Little Chute, or Sherwood to register and join AAHA.  If you reside in another city or school district you must register with the appropriate association such as Fox Valley, De Pere, Green Bay, Waupaca or Shawano.


ALL AAHA Coaches and Coaching candidates should review their current certification status as soon as possible. Currently, we have received applications from a host of candidates that either have not completed their certification yet, or had their certification eligibility expire at the end of last season. See below for upcoming certification classes and please get yourself registered and squared away soon - we strongly encourage getting all certifcation complete before October, before the season begins. ANY COACHES NOT CERTIFIED BY JANUARY 1, 2015 AT THE VERY LATEST WILL BE INELIGIBLE FOR THE REMAINDER OF THE SEASON.


To register for certification classes, please visit the Coaching Clinics section at USAHockey.com.


Get all decked out for the upcoming season with the new AAHA apparel options available from EJs Arena Sports! There's options aplenty to fit your particular brand of style!

Check out the new gear right over here!


From Evaluators to Locker Room Supervisors to Clock Operators to Jersey Check-in....the needs and opportunities available for volunteering during the tryout process are voluminous and critical.

Of all the activities and events AAHA is involved in throughout the season, none is more critical to the success of all of them as much as the tryout process - and while it is a daunting and time-consuming endeavor, AAHA has set in place a process to ensure thorough and fair evaluation processes for all our players - but to pull it off correctly, we need help from all of you.

Please head over to the DIBS module on the AAHA website and volunteer whenever and where ever you can for our Tryout Processes - the whole organization runs best with the willing and enthusiastic participation of all it's members, and the players and coaches appreciate all the support. Times and duties are broken down into sessions - search by Category 'Evaluations', under the Session '2014 Dibs - Oldest Skater Is A...' and thank you in advance! The sooner we can get all the positions covered, the better the experience will be for all our players.

*Note - your 2014-2015 Registration must be completed before claiming anything on DIBS, so be sure to complete that prior to claims.

2014 Coaching Announcements

As the season approaches faster than it seems possible, the AAHA Coaching Committee is pleased to announce this partial list of the following selections for head coaches for the 2014-2015 season:

U10 - Bill Gillard

U12 - Dave Maulick

U14 - Dave Hull

SQUIRT A - Bucky Gruber

PEEWEE B - Nic Weight

PEEWEE A - Patrick Dench

BANTAM B - Mike Link

BANTAM A - Mike Myslicki

Other coaching selections will be forthcoming soon - keep an eye on the website for updates, and thank you to all of our applicants.


Dibs is currrently under construction! All volunteer opportunities for the 2014-2015 season will be available to claim in Dibs by October 1st. If your OLDEST skater is a Squirt/U10, PeeWee/U12, Bantam/U14, your family will be responsible for 15 volunteer credits this season. If your OLDEST skater is a Mite, your family will be responsible for 7 volunteer credits this season.

Wizard Blizzard Co-Coordinators (Feb. 7)

Tournament Coordinator - Bantam 1C State (March 14-15)

Please contact Becky Unterriker to help!

AAHA Retired Jersey Sale!

The new jerseys are on the way! AAHA is selling the retired jerseys to make space for the new ones. The cost for jerseys is $20/pair or $15/jersey. See the document below for a list of numbers and sizes. Contact Tabitha Mahoney to purchase a jersey.

Tabitha Mahoney

Vice President

2014-2015 Important Dates

Date Event
Sept 5 Registration Deadline for Evaluations
Sept 6 Late Registration Fee goes into effect for returning skaters
Sept 17 Equipment Sale/Swap; 5:30pm; AFIC
Sept 19-20 3 on 3 Tournament at Tri County Arena
Sept 22 - Oct 3 Skater & Goalie Conditioning
Sept 23 ImPACT Testing Session #1; 4:00pm; Xavier High School Computer Lab
Sept 24 Girls Program Meeting; 6:30pm, Primary Care Associates
Sept 25 Mite Parent Meeting #1; 6:30pm; SuperBowl
Sept 27 Octoberfest
Oct 1 Registration Deadline for Mite Program & New Skaters
Oct 3 Rental Equipment Issue
Oct 4 ImPACT Testing Session #2; 4:00pm; Xavier High School Computer Lab
Oct 5-10 Skater Evaluations & Team Placements
Oct 8 Mite Parent Meeting #2; 6:30pm; SuperBowl
Oct 11 Rental Equipment Issue
Oct 13 First Day of Team Practices; First Day of Mite Practice
Oct 15 Scrip/United Community Credits applied to skater accounts
Oct 18 Goalie Clinic/Goalie Coaching Clinic (for all Squirt/U10, PeeWee/U12 & Bantam/U14 goalies and coaches)
Oct 22 Team Manager Meeting
Nov 1 Registration Deadline for Learn to Skate
Nov 1 Skater Fees due in full
Nov 4 Picture Night (Squirt, PeeWee, Bantam, Girls)
Nov 8 National Try Hockey for Free Day
Nov 10 Picture Night (Mite, Learn to Skate)
Dec 5-7 Girls Hockey Classic Tournament
Feb 7 Hoist the Cup Fundraiser at Darboy Club
Feb 7-8 Playdowns at Green Bay
Feb 16-19 AAHA Board Elections
Feb 21 National Try Hockey for Free Day
March 7-8 Monsters on Ice Festival
March 14-15 Squirt/U10 and Bantam/U14 State Tournaments
March 14-15 AAHA Hosts Bantam 1C State Tournament
March 21-22 PeeWee/U12 State Tournaments

Upcoming Events

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AAHA Equipment Sale/Swap
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Scrip Orders Due
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