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2018-2019 Season Registration Mites and Learn to Play!

If you participate in Scrip, please contact Amy at prior to completing your registration.

Before You Begin

You must first register with USA Hockey before you can sign up with AAHA or Freeze for the 2018-2019 season. USA Hockey requires that all players/coaches/managers register online with USA Hockey and obtain a USA Hockey confirmation number. This confirmation number is required during the AAHA and Freeze registration process.

  • Step 1: CLICK HERE to go to the USA Hockey Registration site and register yourself or your player(s). 
  • Step 2: Return to this registration session and click on the Registration link below. During the session, you will be required to enter the USA Hockey confirmation number that you received in Step 1. 

Fee Information & Notes

  • All Mite, Squirt/U10, PeeWee/U12 and Bantam/U14 skater fees must be paid in full by November 30th.
  • Delinquent fees will result in removal from all AAHA or Freeze activities.
  • To register, you must pay your fees in full or select to pay in 2 equal installments with payment dates of (1) October 6 and (2) Nov 30.  All fees must be paid online this year.

United Heroes League

Hockey grants and benefits for military families.

AAHA and Freeze Programs

For what level should I register my child?   

  • Mite/6U: returning skaters born 01/01/12-12/31/13
  • Mite/8U: returning skaters born 01/01/10-12/31/11
  • Squirt/10U: returning skaters born 01/01/08-12/31/09
  • PeeWee/12U: returning skaters born 01/01/06-12/31/07
  • Bantam/14U: returning skaters born 01/01/04-12/31/05

Learn to Play Program

AAHA is running the Learn to Play Program for our area!  This program is designed for both boys and girls (ages 4-10) who are new to hockey. Kids will to learn to play hockey in a fun, casual environment without a significant time or financial commitment. Practices will be held once a week.  Rental equipment may be available to minimize the costs to families.

Scholarship Fund/Payment Plan

AAHA has a Scholarship Fund and Extended Payment Plan options available for those experiencing financial hardship. Submit your application to the treasurer by September 1.  Requests will be kept confidential.

Link to Application

Volunteer Requirements

AAHA is a volunteer-run organization. AAHA's policy is that all families with skaters who are Mites and older will volunteer to support our organization.

Volunteer credit requirements are based upon the oldest skater as well as the number of skaters in your family:

  • Mite/6U, Mite/8U - 10 credits per family plus 2 credits for each additional skater.
  • Squirt/10U, PeeWee/12U, Bantam/14U - 20 credits per family plus 2 credits for each additional skater.

Each year, AAHA and Freeze supports Appleton Ice by volunteering  service hours. Families who volunteer for Appleton Ice can count those credits toward their AAHA or Freeze requirement as long as the credits are approved by the Operations Director or the DIBs Coordinator in advance. 

Please take a moment to read the Volunteer Work Requirements Policy.  This is a new policy and we would like all families to be familiar with the information.  

Link to Volunteer Work Requirements Policy

Additional Costs

Skater fees as do not include the following:

  • USA Hockey registration fees ($40 USA Hockey + $10 WAHA)
  • skater or goalie equipment costs or rental fees
  • travel costs

The costs below are considered part of your "individual team fees" and your team manager will set these fees for your child's team (typically between $125 and $200 per player).  These fees are mandatory and subject to the Payment Policy.

  • team tournament registration fees (over the 2 included)
  • ice fees for additional team practices - coach/team discretion
  • referee fees for home games (NEW) 
  • team raffle baskets for tournaments, fundraisers, etc
  • appreciation gifts for coaches & team managers
  • team building activities


Skaters interested in playing on an AAHA Youth Team  must reside within the boundaries of the public school districts of Appleton, Hilbert, Kaukauna, Kimberly, or Little Chute to register and join AAHA. 

Some areas such as the Chilton, Freedom, Pulaski and Seymour school districts are unassigned to an association. Residents of those school districts may choose to join any association with a shared border to the school district boundaries. Once you join an association, that association becomes your home association and all rules regarding transfers apply.

The Fox Valley Youth Hockey Association includes residents of the following public school districts: Neenah, Menasha, Hortonville (which encompasses Greenville) and Shiocton.

A female player wishing to play on AAHA's female-only teams (Fox River Freeze) may play if AAHA is the nearest association offering one, provided her home association does not offer one at the appropriate level and the nearest association is not a WAHA approved co-op team. (Appropriate level is defined as a specific level or one higher.)