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Will there be a youth hockey season?

We are confident there will be a hockey season.  In coordination with guidance from USA Hockey and Wisconsin Amateur Hockey Association, we will remain flexible and diligent to make this a successful season for every player.

When is registration expected?

Please watch for registration to open during the second week of August.

Will the season start on time?

AAHA has all intention of starting preseason conditioning, tryouts, practices, and games per the usual schedule.  There will be pre-season conditioning sessions in September. Tryouts for Squirts-Bantams will be October 11-13.  Mites and Learn to Play Hockey will start in mid-late October.

Will the season have the typical number of games, including travel and overnight schedules?

At this time, we do not expect any limitations on games or travel and anticipate a slight increase in the number of home games .  Various scheduling options are still being considered, and we will be mindful of any directives from USA Hockey and WAHA.  Our Player Development Committee is confident that even if restrictions are placed that limit game scheduling or travel, there is more than ample opportunity and options for our players to develop on and off the ice. 

Will the parents be allowed to watch the games?  

We will follow Appleton Ice, Inc protocols for home games at the Appleton Family Ice Center, Community First Champion Center, and Tri County Ice Arena and the protocols of any other facilities we visit.  As of now, we expect spectators to be allowed.  However, developments in policies, protocols, procedures, limitations, etc. remain ongoing.

Will there be tournaments?  

At this time, AAHA plans to pay for one tournament per team, Squirt – Bantam.  Hosting a tournament counts as the paid tournament.  Mites will participate in two (2) nearby-away tournaments, plus Monsters on Ice. 

Will players be able to use the locker rooms or will they need to continue to dress/undress at home or in the parking lot?

Developments in policies, protocols, procedures, limitations, etc. remain ongoing.  At this time, we expect pre-season conditioning sessions to be conducted without locker-room usage and operating under the 15-minute entry/exit procedures.

Will players and coaches have to wear masks while on the ice?  

At this time, we expect all pre-season conditioning participants to wear masks unless an exemption applies.

 Are there any new rules or procedures that will be put in place? 

We will follow Appleton Ice, Inc protocols in our home facilities.   We will continually monitor and adapt AAHA's policies, protocols, procedures, limitations, etc. to situations as they evolve and develop during the season.  We intend to comply with laws and regulations of local municipalities and State government.

Are there procedures for handling positive COVID cases and potential exposure situations?

AAHA participants and families will not be allowed to participate, visit or utilize our facilities, services and programs if: (i) experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, including, without limitation, fever, cough or shortness of breath; or (ii) having a suspected or diagnosed/confirmed case of COVID-19; or (iii) having been in direct, un-protected exposure to any person who has a confirmed case of COVID-19; or (iv) unwilling or unable or refusing to comply with policies, rules, and procedures set forth from time to time by AAHA or any facility in which AAHA operates activities or programming.

We will continually monitor and adapt AAHA's policies, protocols, procedures, limitations, etc. to situations as they develop throughout the season, including if, how, and when to restrict or suspend activities.

What if I have concerns about the season?

Please watch for a survey from AAHA which should give you the opportunity to raise concerns and ask questions.   Adam Brand is the Covid-Committee Chair.  You can email him at: